Reasons to buy preloved

The #slowfashion movement is gaining traction as we hear more stories about unequal pay, poor working conditions, textile waste, and huge water consumptions surrounding the fashion world. 

To still look awesome, move toward a more sustainable closet, and covet the name brands we all love, buying preloved is a way to help! Not to mention --- it saves you money.

Consider buying preloved the next time you want to add something special to your closet.

One-of-a-kind finds

Not only does buying pre-owned mean you can find steals on trendy items, it also means you can curate your closet to have one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique to you. Differentiating your personal style can be tough when you see other people wearing the same cardigan you just bought on your last trip to the mall. 

Heading to a thrift store can feel overwhelming, but there are many curated shops who do the hard work for you and bring beautiful, quality pieces. 


Environmental impact

25 billion pounds of clothing is thrown out every year in the US alone. So much water and chemicals go into the clothes we wear. Buying preloved is one of the best ways to deal with textile waste. Garments are used to their fullest capabilities. Instead of ending up in a landfill after a couple years, a new person can love them for even longer. Less waste is created and clothing can live on for up to 10 years before ending up in a landfill.




Items are donated for many reasons. Maybe they don't fit, the person doesn't like it anymore, it was purchased by an ex, the list goes on. The great thing is, preloved items are found at great discounts. Second hand offers so much variety from luxury and name brands, latest trends, and fashions from past decades. 


Did you know we have a consignment program? Earn money for your gently used accessories and extend the life of your items. 

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